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This site will still house the 69 LM1 Registry.



What is RPO LM1?

RPO LM1 was an option early in the 1969 production year (Most all were pre X codes see for more info) that at best was only available for a few months. In early 1969, RPO LM1 was replaced with the RPO L65 350 Cubic Inch engine (2bbl), as early as January 1, 1969. Several questions remain, such as why did the Lm1 optioned cars seem to get so many high performance options? All sport 12 Bolt rears and Multi Leaf springs and many sport Dual Exhaust and Console/Tach setups. 

With the LM1  option you got the 255hp 350 cubic inch 4 barrel power plant  in your 1969 Camaro. most LM1's have 12 bolt rear ends, Dual Exhaust and many have additional high performance options. Due to this, and it being a pre x code option, many LM1's are often confused with the RPO Z27 (Super Sport 350cu). Especially if RPO LM1 was ordered with RPO J52 (front disc brakes) which was included when ordering the Super Sport option (but not a requirement on the RPO LM1 option). Oddly enough, many LM1's seem to be plain jane exterior cars. Many even have poverty caps or the P01 full caps, thus adding to the mystique and sometimes misnomer of the "Smallblock Sleeper".

Special Note: There are very few survivor LM1's out there. Many less than SS's, Z-28's or even CoPo/Yenko's! Due to this, there is still a lot to be learned about this option. The information contained in this web site should be viewed as dynamic in nature. As more is learned and as more cars turn up, the content of this site will be updated. If you have any information or corrections to contribute, please email me at the link below. 

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What is the LM1 Registry?

The registry is a place for owners, prospective owners and people who are just interested in these rare optioned cars to share information and knowledge. All contact information in the registry is kept in the strictest confidence. This is also a place where data can be collected and used to learn more about how these cars came from the factory and how many are actually still around today.

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Evolution of the LM1

The 1969 LM1 option is a descendent of the virtually unknown 1967-8 327cu "L30/M20" monster package. Here is an excerpt from camaro-untold-secrets:

“The 1967-682 RPO (regular production option) combination of the L30 327ci-275HP V8 engine with the M20 4-speed manual transmission created a true high-performance automobile, in part due to additional components automatically installed by the factory when the M20 was paired with the L30. The details of this package were poorly documented and essentially unadvertised; probably only the most discerning people of the era realized the implications. The writers and editors of period car enthusiast magazines rarely delved deeper into available options than the basic promotional literature supplied by Chevrolet, and the Chevrolet marketers preferred to emphasize the SS models, or later, the Z28. Serious racers considered the SS and Z28 to be only starting points, with further modifications required to meet their needs. So it was not well-known (and still isn't3) that the L30/M20 Camaro was the only regular production Camaro outside of the SS/Z28 models to receive the heavy-duty "12-bolt" rear-end, right-side traction bar (in 67), and multi-leaf rear springs (in 68), as well as additional performance equipment otherwise exclusive to the SS or Z28 lines. The potential for model confusion is understandable since, without this knowledge, a L30/M20 could easily be mistaken for a SS-350 stripped of ornamentation (if the 327 was mistaken for a 350), or, if the 327ci engine was recognized as such, the L30/M20 could be interpreted as evidence of a factory SS-327.”


And the 1969 RPO LM1 Option: (based on information from many sources and people, which MAY NOT be complete, a lot is still being learned about this option!)


The 1969 model year saw the evolution of the 67-8 “L30/M20” transform into the “LM1” option. Some have even suggested and called this option the “small block Sleeper” as it usually was ordered as a street sleeper with  no ornamentation. This option was removed and replaced in early 1969 with the somewhat watered down L65 350.
The 1969 LM1 came with a 350 ci rated at 255hp. It also usually was ordered with a 12bolt rear and dual exhaust.
If it was a manual 4speed, it came with the Muncie and had the dual fuel lines as well as multi leaf springs. In fact,
the only High Performance option that was not usually ordered with the LM1 package (but could be ordered additionally) was the front disc
brake package. One of the identifying features of this option is the proportioning valve located under the drivers  door.




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